An ultrafast transient pulser with full control of the pulse characteristics and over-current protection

Principle of Plasmath pulser


  1. An AC/DC power supply charges a capacitor to the request voltage. This capacitor is discharged to the load for the requested pulse duration through a HV closing/opening switch.
  2. If the discharged current is over the specified level (e.g load breakdown), the switch is automatically opened to protect the pulser and the load.

This general design can be tuned to customer requests:

  1. with a serial resistor to limit the delivered current to a variable impedance load
  2. with two switches in a push pull configuration for a capacitive load
  3. with two power supplies and adequate switches setting for bipolar pulses (with -or without- return to zero)

Example of EFFITECH achievement:

generateur bipolaire



This modular design can be adapted to your need in:

  1. Type of load (resistive/inductive/capacitive/variable)
  2. Pulse characterisics:
    • - monopolar, bipolar, zero passage
      - Energy per pulse
      - Voltage drop
  3. Peak voltage
  4. Maximum current
  5. Average power

A key product for parameters optimization in plasma research